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New Englander Trailers
 a complete line of Marine Trailers


Aluminum Boat
'Elite' Aluminum Power Boat

Aluminum Small Boat

Aluminum Rollers

Aluminum Power Cat

Aluminum Welded Carolina Skiff

Aluminum In Board Ski Boat

Galvanized Small Boat

Painted Flat Bottom John Boat

Economy Galvanized Skiff

Aluminum Welded Flat Bottom

Galvanized Roller

Painted Power Boat

Aluminum Pontoon

Galvanized Pontoon

Painted Pontoon

Sizzor Pontoon

Quest Gill Getter Pontoon

Painted Galvanized and Aluminum
 Water Craft

Galvanized Sailboat

Goose Neck Boat Trailers

Go Red Sox !
Go Pats !
Go Celtics !
Go Bruins !

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Sailor Sam Trailers

sailor sam
if you would like to donate:
This organization has been around since 1904

helping Navy and Marine service members and their families

A donation will be made to this charity with each Sailor Sam Trailer sold

We are pleased to help our service members and their Families
Wicked Good Trailers
a Complete Line
of Land Use Trailers


Painted and Glavanized Flat Bed TILT

Painted Utility

Painted Metal Sided Utility

Galvanized Utility

Center Pull Galvanized
Heavy Duty Lawn Service

Galvanized and Painted ATV

Painted Motorcycle

Painted Auto Hauler

Painted Dove Tail
Painted Deck Over

Utility Trailer Brochures to print
Painted Auto Hauler
Galvanized Utility GUT
Galvanized Utility RKGUT
Painted Utility
Painted Motorcycle
Painted Dovetail

New Englander and Wicked Good Trailers are Manufactured by
 Road King Trailers of
North Carolina and Florida

To see the complete line of trailers & accessories please visit Road King Trialers web site.
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Call us for the name and phone number of the dealer nearest YOU. We service All of New England and can make additional arrangements as needed
Blackstone Valley Trailer Mill is located in Mendon MA.  We have been servicing the trailering needs of New Englander's for over 25 years!  With the right kind of experience in the industry;  hands on experience and years of making sure the right product goes on the correct trailer gives you the advantage in your purchase.  You can be assured that when you get a trailer from Blackstone Valley Trailer Mill, it will be the right trailer.